We are a UK wide specialist training and consultancy social enterprise, providing training and resources to all those working with young people. Our remit is to upskill youth practitioners working in a variety of contexts to help them work more effectively with young people, especially those from challenging circumstances and who may be struggling with some aspects of life, displaying a spectrum of challenging behaviours and potentially engaging in risk taking situations.

Young people struggling with aspects of life can carry problems into adulthood and miss out on fulfilling lives for themselves and those around them. For many this can be mental health issues, anti-social behaviour and financial instability.

At Developing Youth Practice we believe that all young people have the potential to change and the ability to achieve in a way that benefits their communities and society as a whole. The key to this is the right support to build aspirations, skills and motivation to do so. For many young people this means additional support outside of the home and friendship circles from skilled youth practitioners. This is where Developing Youth Practice comes in.

Developing Youth Practice draws on 25 years of direct experience in frontline work and project management to provide high quality training and resources to enable youth practitioners to deliver the best possible services for young people. Feedback tells us that our training is engaging and practical, building confidence and skills in those we train to promote behaviour change with the young people they support. Our Impact measurement tool demonstrates a strong business case of value for money and a return upon any investment in our services.

We have found that our training and development approach is as much an inspiration for the learners as it is for the young people they work with. We are the UK’s only Choice Theory youth practitioner development organisation. Choice Theory is a methodology proven to make significant change for the lives of young people.